Supreme Court on OBC Reservation


N4,375.00 Ex Tax: N4,375.00

Supreme Court on Penal Code (1950-2011) - 3 Volumes


N22,550.00 Ex Tax: N22,550.00

Supreme Court on Preventive Detention Laws - 2 Volumes
Supreme Court on Specific Relief Act - Covering case law

This superb Digest is the most authoritative and up to date on the subject,..

N9,150.00 Ex Tax: N9,150.00

Supreme Court Practice & Procedure

The book seeks to serve as a reliable guide and companion to the practition..

N9,875.00 Ex Tax: N9,875.00

Supreme Court Quinquennial Digest (1991-1995) - 5 Volumes
Supreme Court Quinquennial Digest (1996-2000) - 5 Volumes
Supreme Court Words and Phrases


N11,825.00 Ex Tax: N11,825.00

Supreme Court Yearly Digest (2009-2013) - 5 Volumes


N52,525.00 Ex Tax: N52,525.00

Telephone and the Consumer (with Ref. to the Consumer Protec
Textbook on Law of Contract and Specific Relief


N1,650.00 Ex Tax: N1,650.00

The English Legal System


N6,500.00 Ex Tax: N6,500.00

The Modern Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
Tort Law


N3,850.00 Ex Tax: N3,850.00

Treatise on Criminal Law


N825.00 Ex Tax: N825.00

Understanding Common Law Legislation: Drafting & Interpretation
V G Ramachandran`s Contempt of Court

The work has been updated with the addition of case-law supplement.This edi..

N6,325.00 Ex Tax: N6,325.00

V G Ramachandran`s Law of Writs - Volume 2


N6,062.50 Ex Tax: N6,062.50

V G Ramachhandran`s Law of Writs - Volume 1


N6,062.50 Ex Tax: N6,062.50

V K Varadachari`s Legal Fictions


N2,250.00 Ex Tax: N2,250.00

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